• New Pictures! New Knives! March 2020

    I have been a terrible slacker when it comes to this website and I'm very sorry. I have resolved to do better and in that light I am doing the following.

    In the light of the Corona virus and the risks of infection, all of my Spring 2020 shows have been canceled. It's the best action, but it puts me in a bind. Over the next several days I am going to post pictures of the pieces that would have been on those tables.

    The prices listed will reflect at least a 10% discount and I will cover shipping. If you are active duty military or first responder (Police, Fire, Paramedic) or retired off of those jobs, I am happy to give you an additional 10% discount.

  • After show sale

    If you saw something on the table at ICCE in KC, but couldn't quite make up your mind....Describe it to me and I'll give you a 10% discount and FREE SHIPPING until September 30. Thanks to all of the people who stopped and chatted with me in KC, see you in Kelso 9-26/27 and Portland 10-24/25.

  • New work

    I've added 5 new pieces in the Fighters and Bowies folder, please take a look

  • Fall Shows

    I'm got three shows lined up for the Fall

    ICCE in Kansas City September 19-20

    NWKC in Kelso Wa September 26-27

    Christine Palmer Antique show in Portland OR October 24-25

    Look for me and say HI

  • Fund raiser

    I'm trying to scrape together some funds to offset the prototyping costs of a new project. I can't talk about the details (we are still nailing down some copyright and patent issues), but it's a new direction for 5 Elements Forge.

    I am selling off a number of older works, at real give away prices. These are all hand made knives, but they have blemishes from knocking around or minor spotting. Many of them are not up to my current level of production, but they are all nice workable blades.

    You can see some pictures on my 5 Elements Forge Facebook page. Pricing includes shipping (at least in the CONUS, overseas my be a bit more), $90 for small blades (4 inches or less), $140 for medium (4-7 inches), $200 for large (7 and up).

    Please help me out if you can, there are some great deals to be had.


  • Disaster Donation

    Just an update. We're home from the OKCA show, and we did better than I've ever done at that show. To refresh everyone, in support of the people who lost everything at the Oso slide here in Washington state, and all of the people involved in the recovery effort, I have decided to donate all of the proceeds of the sales of my EDCs to one of the recovery funds. In addition I'm donating 75% of the sales of my forged work. I'm running this until April 30, so there is still time to get in, if you've an interest.

    In 3 days at the OKCA show we took in over $1200 ! Much of that was table sales of my forged pieces and EDC's, but quite a bit was people giving us $10 and $20 out of their pocket money, one old gent gave me his last $3. I want to thank everyone who has donated, and everyone who is going to do so.

    Thank you

    Geoff and Marianne

  • Disaster Donation

    As you may have heard on the news a nearby small rural community was devastated by a massive landslide this week. I would like to offer to donate the price of any of my EDC's to the relief effort. You get your choice of EDC, handle (within reason, no ivory) and belt sheath and you can help out where it's needed. I will also donate 3/4 of the price of any of my forged pieces (do you need a Damascus Hawk?) to the effort.

    This is your chance to own a 5 Elements Forge piece, and help out where it's really needed. I will let this offer run until 4/30.


  • A new piece

    I haven't posted any new stuff here in a while, but I do have one new piece. It's on the splash page. so it's easy to find. I am big time grinderboy right now, so, with some luck, I'll have some new stuff here right soon.

  • New pictures!

    I got behind, waaaay behind, taking and mounting pictures. Right now I'm pretty well caught up, so check out the galleries



  • New EDC's

    I now have a supply of sheaths for the EDC. There are three styles, a high carry, a deep carry and a clip sheath. The clip sheath fits right into the leg pocket of a pair of Carharts and doubles as a neck sheath. If you would like more than one sheath, add $10 per extra sheath. Comes in black, light brown, and dark brown. Specify if you care.

  • 03/30/2013 Credit cards

    We now are set up to take Credit cards, by phone or email, and at shows. 5 Elements Forge enters the modern era!

  • 03/30/2013 Throwing knives

    I've got a new batch of throwers in hand. These are rough and tumble pieces, just in time for Spring. Get your arm loose and your eye in. $20 for one, $50 for 3, plus shipping.

  • 03/30/20133 New blogs

    Check it out! I've got two new blog entries, and I think I feel a few more lurking in the junk room that is my mind.

  • New kitchen knife

    I've posted a new kitchen cleaver/santuko in the Gallery, just in time for Christmas. Rather than try and get some high end pictures of pieces to post, I'm just going to post my own poor efforts and cut the wait time. There should be new stuff here every day for the next week or so, so keep checking back.

  • 10/23/12 Not dead yet, feel much better

    I haven't been paying much attention to the site, which has led folks to think I've stopped working. Not so! I have some new stuff to show, I've just been a slacker when it comes to the site.

    First up, I'm launching a new product line, 5EF EDC (Every Day Carry). These are a mid-tech knife (waterjet cut blanks, hand finished). They are the RV of my designs, available in many styles, handle material, and even in sets.

    So look for new pictures soon, and new blog entries as well.